Ultra-precise linear stage

The Xeryon Linear Stage (XLS) is driven by a noiseless and efficient ultrasonic piezomotor. The XLS has a nanometre-level resolution and a travel speed ranging from several nm/s up to 400 mm/s. The length of the XLS-series ranges from 45 mm to 180 mm. The XLS has an integrated linear encoder which allows closed loop control through our X-Driver. The XLS-series can be combined to a custom multi-axis system.

Key features

  • Drive principle: ultrasonic

Noiseless (advantage compared to stick-slip stages)
Energy efficient

  • Size and dimensions

Length: 45 mm (XLS-45) to 180 mm (XLS-180)
Travel range: 34 mm (XLS-45) to 130 mm (XLS-180)
Size: 45-180 x 24 x 18 mm
Load capacity: ≤ 10 N (1 kg)
Weight: 70 g (XLS-45) to 300 g (XLS-180)

  • Positioning

Step size: several nanometre
 - Low & constant scanning speed of several nm/s
 - High speed up to 400 mm/s
Static holding froce: ≤ 1 N
Holds position when powered off

  • Environmental compatibility

High vacuum


  • Compatible plug and play piezo driver: XD-U


Datasheet Step file

Multi-axis stages

We can configure and assemble our linear and rotary stages into multi-axis systems to meet your requirements. Contact us for more information.


Material science
Microscopy & metrology
Optics & photonics
Synchrotron applications
Medical applications
Semiconductor industry
Life science & biotechnology

Dimensions (in mm)

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