Multi-DOF motion systems
Precise piezoelectric multi-DOF motion systems

Xeryon's linear and rotary stages can be combined to multi-DOF motion solutions. With our modular design, we can create custom and nanometric motion solutions that meet your requirements. Our linear stages for example can be assembled to a compact XY or XYZ stage. A selection of our multi-DOF motion solutions are shown below. Please contact us and we will configure your positioner with two or more degrees of freedom according to your needs.


This compact XY-stage consists of two XLS stages stacked on top of each other. This allows closed-loop positioning in 2-DOF with nanometre accuracy and repeatability. The working area ranges from 34 x 34 mm2 to 100 x 100 mm2 with a maximum load capacity of 1 kg. Because of the ultrasonic drive principle of the XLS stages, this XY-stage is fast (up to 400 mm/s) and noiseless. These features makes it the perfect choice for noise sensitive applications such as microscopy and material science. The XY-stage can be used in vacuum and customized to 3 three or more DOF's.

2D-rotary stage

This 2D-rotary stage consists of two XRT-U stages. It is very compact, noiseless and allows closed-loop positioning in 2-DOF with a very high angular resolution and small runout. Typical applications are in metrology, optics and photonics. The stage can be used in vacuum and customized to three or more DOF's.

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